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Texas Dental Insurance

Within the large state of Texas residents have several options when it comes to dental insurance. Here are some of the top recommendations:

  1. UnitedHealthOne does offer PPO dental coverage: Click Here
  2. HumanaOne HMO has a small network in Texas, there is no waiting period for basic and major dental work: Click Here

If you need both dental and medical coverage, some carriers such as Aetna and Cigna only offer a dental rider. They do not sell stand alone dental. Option one above is by far the best coverage and it has a vision option which is very affordable. However, if you need both medical and dental coverage, then visit the following link to check rates for Texas dental and health insurance.

Remember, call 877-991-4249 if you need help finding a Texas dental insurance policy.

Georgia Dental Insurance

If you live in Georgia there are several options when it comes to buying dental insurance. Here are our top recommendations for Georgia:

  1. United Health offers PPO dental: Click Here
  2. HumanaOne has C550 or HI215, a small network HMO, no waiting period for basic and major dental work: Click Here

If you are currently in search of both health and dental insurance. Most Georgia medical insurance carriers such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA, Cigna, Humana One, and United Health One offer health and a dental insurance all in one policy. Visit the following link to check rates for health and dental insurance in Georgia.

Remember, call 877-991-4249 if you need help finding a dental insurance policy.

GPM Dental Insurance has No Waiting Periods

GPM Dental insurance is designed for people who need immediate work done right away! GPM has 1st day coverage on procedures such as implants, filings, crowns, and root canals. Below you will find a breakdown of plan benefits.

GPM Dental Insurance for Individuals

2500 Network
This one is made for those who stay within the Ameritas PPO Network Provider. You will not have any waiting periods or fees with this one. Within one calendar year, the plan covers up to $2500 worth of treatments. This includes everything from the basic care to the preventative treatments.

  1. The exams, x-rays, and your cleanings are covered up to 100%.
  2. Any kind of fillings and extractions are covered under the basic plan. You are accountable for 20% – 50% of the expenses and the plan will cover the rest.
  3. The implants and crowns, they get filed under the major work. You cover 50% – 75% and the plan covers the other rest.

A plan like this starts out around $40 a month. The plan is more than some other plans, but that is due to instant coverage.

Many people like this plan because you get a network rate and you have no waiting periods on dental implants.

The 2500 GPM
You will have the choice of any dental provider with this one. Those who wish to save more money can use the Ameritas Dental Network Option. This one is void of any enrollment fees or waiting periods as well. It also covers up to $2500 a year for your visits.

  1. Your preventative care is covered up to 100%.
  2. The basics are covered up to 80%.
  3. The major treatments are covered up to 50%.

You can purchase a plan like this starting at $59 a month.

GPM Dental Insurance: Applicant and One Person

The 2500 Network
This one works with the Ameritas Dental Plans too. You will not have any issues with a waiting period or extra fees attached with this plan either.

  1. Your preventative care is the same as the above ones, covering 100% of your visit.
  2. Your basic care is going to be about the same too, 80% coverage.
  3. This plan will cover 50% of your major treatments, just like the above two plans.

This plan will cost you at least $87 a month, give or take. It all depends on where you live and how your dentist charges you.

Notice the 2500
The coverage is still the same as before. You can use any dentist you like. Those who wish to save more should talk with their Ameritas Dental provider. It is the same as staying in your network. It will make more sense to you in those terms. You go out of network, it will cover you at a greater cost. You stay in the network, it will cover you at a lower cost.
Plans like these begin at around $117-118 a month. Why the increase? You are paying for you and one other person.
3) The Applicant Plus Their Family
The 2500 Network
It is the same as the other two categories. Everything from the major care to the basics gets billed the same. This plan is also designed for those who choose to stay inside their network. Saying inside the network will give you an extra 30% off at least. This is one of the incentives for staying where you are. These plans begin at $139 a month and go up.

You also may want to check on Low Cost Vision Insurance to add to your dental coverage.
The 2500
This one is also the same as the above-mentioned ones. You can either opt to stay inside the network or go out. Those who stay inside will also receive up to 30% off their visits. The plans begin at $188 a month, give or take. Some plans can go up to over $200 a month. It all depends on where you live and who you have on your plan. The more family you are supporting, the more it is going to cost you.
A Small Breakdown of Each Service Being Provided For You
1) 2 exams and cleanings per year. The plan pays 100% from day one up until you decide to opt out of the coverage.
2) The basic services will be covered 50% from day one. After one year, the plan will cover 65%. After two years or more, the plan will cover up to 80%.
3) The major services go somewhat differently. Day one the plan will cover about 25%. After one year, the plan will then cover up to 50%. After the two year mark and beyond, the plan will still cover up to 50%. Those who opt for this will need to hang in there. It begins slowly, but the coverage will increase the more you stay with it.
4) Each family will have up to 3 deductibles per household, per year. Anytime you go over this limit, then you have to pay the difference.
5) There are up to over 400,000 access points and over 100,000 providers to choose from.
6) No matter what in-network plan you opt for, you will get immediate discounts. The company uses it as an incentive to keep you.
7) The quotes mentioned are a ballpark figure. Some plans may vary for certain people.
GPM Dental Insurance: What You Need To Know Before You Sign Up

QuoteFinder.Org Health and Dental Insurance

QuoteFinder.Org provides a better way to shop for Insurance. The site allows for customers to compare all types of health insurance plans side by side, but this is only the beginning of what www.QuoteFinder.Org does for its clients. The site gives average Americans a chance to work with licensed agents who offer free guidance on the many types of health, dental, Medicare, vision, life, and long term care products available.

Working with an agent gives the customers the ability to ask questions about each policy. The free assistance from an insurance expert allows for the consumer to review a range of coverage options quickly and effectively.

Let QuoteFinder.Org Find the Quotes

The ideal way to shop for any product or service is to be able to plainly and clearly evaluate each item side by side. allows customers to compare coverage options from the major carriers across the country. Insurance products are offered by region and finding the desired coverage is easiest when you have a real human being to speak with and offer guidance. This process is essential to find the best premium and coverage. This interaction is most beneficial during open enrollment when rate increases often occur and plans must be shopped.

QuoteFinder is Customer Driven

QuoteFinder’s driving force is the consumer. Since agents are paid directly by the insurance company, it is in the interest of the agent to offer the best products for the consumers situation. When the agent assists the customer correctly, the agent gets a new client and the client gets the best coverage possible.

Since QuoteFinder.Org is an Authorized Independent entity, it has access to all types of insurance providers. Some of these are included in the above image.

QuoteFinder Choices
There are specialist available in Health, Medicare, Life, Dental, Long Term Care, and Vision insurance for both individual and families. All of the professional agents listed will be able to help either by phone or email. These are only a few of the benefits that are offered by QuoteFinder.Org.  There are many advantages to working with a friendly clear spoken professional. This interaction often results in peace of mind for all clients.

Let Us Find You The BEST Dental Insurance

If you are in search of a REAL dental insurance policy, you came to the right place! Currently, the internet is filled of discount dental plans and other products of little to no value. Our site ONLY offers Real Dental Insurance Policies.

What we do:

  1. We learn about your needs.
  2. We check which insurance companies your dentist accepts.
  3. We review waiting periods to avoid unpaid claims.
  4. We are appointed with over 40 different insurance companies such as Aetna, Anthem, Assurant, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chesapeake, Cigna, Coventry, Delta, Golden Rule, Guardian, Healthnet, Humana, Medco, MetLife, Standard, United, UnitedHealthOne, United Healthcare, and numerous other companies.

How the Process works.
If you have spent any time on the internet, you will know that finding a dental insurance policy has become a rather involved process. We simplify this process by doing the legwork for you. We provide good old fashioned customer support!

  1. Click Here to Fill out a Form so we understand your needs.
  2. Our staff reviews your specifications and the plans offered in your area.
  3. A designated advisor emails and calls you to review your best options.
  4. The agent reviews the plan benefits and cost with you.
  5. The agent assists with enrolling you into the plan.

Our service is NO COST to you. Our licensed agents are paid directly from the many insurance companies we work with.

Keep in mind if you also need health insurance or vision insurance we can assist you with these products as well.

Start Your Search Here.

Arizona Dental Insurance

Arizona has two great options for dental coverage. We have found that most AZ residents are happy with one of these plans.

Here is our top recommendations for Arizona:

  1. Arizona UnitedHealth Dental: Click Here
  2. Arizona HumanaOne Dental: Click Here

If you need both dental and medical coverage, some carriers are better than others. For example Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United all allow the dental rider to be added to the health policy. Check out the following link to run a quote for Arizona Insurance.

Call 877-256-8299 if you assistance finding dental insurance.

Florida Dental Insurance

Florida residents have several great options when it comes to dental insurance. Here are our top recommendations:

  1. United Health does offer individual PPO dental: Click Here
  2. HumanaOne HMO has a small network, no waiting period for basic and major dental work: Click Here

If you need both health and dental coverage. Many Florida health insurance companies such as Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and Unitedhealthone offer health and a dental rider. Visit the following link to check rates for health and dental insurance in Florida.

Remember, call 877-256-8299 if you need help finding a FL dental insurance policy.

Maryland Dental Insurance

If you live in the state of Maryland there are two popular options for dental insurance. We have found that most MD residents are happy with one of these plans.

If you want a good high quality dental insurance policy, here is our top Maryland recommendations:

  1. Maryland United Health Dental Online Application: Click Here
  2. Maryland TeethKeeper plan: Click Here

If you need both Medical and Dental. Aetna offers medical and dental coverage in Maryland. Visit the following link to run a quote for health and dental insurance in Maryland.

Remember, call 877-256-8299 if you need help finding a dental insurance policy.

United PPO Dental Network

Before you buy dental insurance it is very important that we review the policy with you and that our staff checks to see that your dentist is IN or OUT of network. Most PPO dental insurance offers IN and OUT of network plans. It is best to call our staff and let the advisor research your dentist to see which plans he or she accepts.

  • AZ, MO, TX Call: 877-691-5224
  • IL, MI, MS Call: 877-991-4249
  • OH, SC, TN Call: 877-691-7467
  • All Other States Dial 877-305-9083

Or email us at: Info@QuoteFinder.Org