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GPM Dental Insurance has No Waiting Periods

GPM Dental insurance is designed for people who need immediate work done right away! GPM has 1st day coverage on procedures such as implants, filings, crowns, and root canals. Below you will find a breakdown of plan benefits.

GPM Dental Insurance for Individuals

2500 Network
This one is made for those who stay within the Ameritas PPO Network Provider. You will not have any waiting periods or fees with this one. Within one calendar year, the plan covers up to $2500 worth of treatments. This includes everything from the basic care to the preventative treatments.

  1. The exams, x-rays, and your cleanings are covered up to 100%.
  2. Any kind of fillings and extractions are covered under the basic plan. You are accountable for 20% – 50% of the expenses and the plan will cover the rest.
  3. The implants and crowns, they get filed under the major work. You cover 50% – 75% and the plan covers the other rest.

A plan like this starts out around $40 a month. The plan is more than some other plans, but that is due to instant coverage.

Many people like this plan because you get a network rate and you have no waiting periods on dental implants.

The 2500 GPM
You will have the choice of any dental provider with this one. Those who wish to save more money can use the Ameritas Dental Network Option. This one is void of any enrollment fees or waiting periods as well. It also covers up to $2500 a year for your visits.

  1. Your preventative care is covered up to 100%.
  2. The basics are covered up to 80%.
  3. The major treatments are covered up to 50%.

You can purchase a plan like this starting at $59 a month.

GPM Dental Insurance: Applicant and One Person

The 2500 Network
This one works with the Ameritas Dental Plans too. You will not have any issues with a waiting period or extra fees attached with this plan either.

  1. Your preventative care is the same as the above ones, covering 100% of your visit.
  2. Your basic care is going to be about the same too, 80% coverage.
  3. This plan will cover 50% of your major treatments, just like the above two plans.

This plan will cost you at least $87 a month, give or take. It all depends on where you live and how your dentist charges you.

Notice the 2500
The coverage is still the same as before. You can use any dentist you like. Those who wish to save more should talk with their Ameritas Dental provider. It is the same as staying in your network. It will make more sense to you in those terms. You go out of network, it will cover you at a greater cost. You stay in the network, it will cover you at a lower cost.
Plans like these begin at around $117-118 a month. Why the increase? You are paying for you and one other person.
3) The Applicant Plus Their Family
The 2500 Network
It is the same as the other two categories. Everything from the major care to the basics gets billed the same. This plan is also designed for those who choose to stay inside their network. Saying inside the network will give you an extra 30% off at least. This is one of the incentives for staying where you are. These plans begin at $139 a month and go up.

You also may want to check on Low Cost Vision Insurance to add to your dental coverage.
The 2500
This one is also the same as the above-mentioned ones. You can either opt to stay inside the network or go out. Those who stay inside will also receive up to 30% off their visits. The plans begin at $188 a month, give or take. Some plans can go up to over $200 a month. It all depends on where you live and who you have on your plan. The more family you are supporting, the more it is going to cost you.
A Small Breakdown of Each Service Being Provided For You
1) 2 exams and cleanings per year. The plan pays 100% from day one up until you decide to opt out of the coverage.
2) The basic services will be covered 50% from day one. After one year, the plan will cover 65%. After two years or more, the plan will cover up to 80%.
3) The major services go somewhat differently. Day one the plan will cover about 25%. After one year, the plan will then cover up to 50%. After the two year mark and beyond, the plan will still cover up to 50%. Those who opt for this will need to hang in there. It begins slowly, but the coverage will increase the more you stay with it.
4) Each family will have up to 3 deductibles per household, per year. Anytime you go over this limit, then you have to pay the difference.
5) There are up to over 400,000 access points and over 100,000 providers to choose from.
6) No matter what in-network plan you opt for, you will get immediate discounts. The company uses it as an incentive to keep you.
7) The quotes mentioned are a ballpark figure. Some plans may vary for certain people.
GPM Dental Insurance: What You Need To Know Before You Sign Up